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According to studies…


of practices are usually closed after 6:00pm

is the average number of hours spent in the Emergency Room

is the average number of days to get in to see a Doctor


of Emergency Room visits are considered non-emergency

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At CONSUMEDICO, we understand how complicated, time-consuming and expensive non-emergency healthcare can be for you and your family. We believe that when you’re sick, you should be able to consult with a doctor right away…not hours or days later.  We know that you work hard for your money and you have better ways to spend it than overpaying for doctor’s visits.  Too many times patients are forced to suffer through a visit to the ER or urgent care clinics or just go without treatment altogether for non-emergency healthcare needs.  This is frustrating and expensive when all you really needed was a consultation and a prescription.

CONSUMEDICO offers a simple, stress-free way for members to consult with a U.S. licensed doctor from anywhere in the U.S.  The call is FREE and the consultation is FREE!  If needed, the doctor will send a prescription directly to the pharmacy of your choice.  CONSUMEDICO is powered by the leader in Telemedicine, with years of experience and technology connecting patients and health providers in the language of their choosing. The technology allows for consultations by email, phone or video for secure, efficient and high quality non-emergency healthcare. All of your health information and consultations are securely stored on a HIPAA-compliant portal for you to access anytime. You will never forget what the doctor told you again. It will always be available to you.

DISCLAIMER: CONSUMEDICO is NOT insurance and is not designed to replace healthcare insurance.

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